August 22, 2008


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Vermiculture is now recognized as legitimate and thriving industry. New techonolgy and business practices have recreated extremely efficient home and industrial worm growing operations. The increased knoweledge of the soil food web and the need for new, safer fertilizers and pesticides have made the raising of red worms (Eisenia fetida) and production of vermicompost and related products, commercially feasible.

Following are a list of resources and web sites which can increase your understanding about the environmental benefits of vermicomposting for gardening and our environment.



The Composting Council Research & Education Foundation
Description: The premier composting research organization in the USA. It has excelled in performing, organizing and administering research critical to the growth of organic recycling. Members include composting companies, nurseries, environmental groups, universities and companies with compostable wastes such as paper, food, degradable plastic, or farm residues. Located in Alexandria, Virginia. Contact via email for details.

Western Washington State Farm Program

WSU/Kitsap County Cooperative Extension
Master Gardeners Program & Master Composters Program
Peg Tillery, Extension Coordinator
WSU Extension Kitsap County, is 345 Sixth Street
Suite 550, Bremerton WA 98337-1874
Phone: (360) 337-7224 • Email:

Kitsap County Public Works (360) 337-5777

Kitsap Conservation District (360) 337-7171

Washington Organic Recycling Council
P.O. Box 7514, Olympia, WA 98507 • (360) 754-5162

Kitsap Farm & Food Network (253) 857-7267

Kitsap Greens Recycling(360) 337-4631, Ext. 4898

Cross Sound District Garden Clubs(360) 779-9927

Washington State Grange1-800-854-1635


Cross Sound District Garden ClubsKitsap County Public Works  Soil Foodweb, Inc.VermiCo.Washington State GrangeWisconsin Master Composter ProgramWorm Diget - International

WormWomanWeb Site

World of Organic Resource Material

Worm World Books

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